By Nate McKay

Peeking Duck .jpg

7 February - 12 March 2019

About the show

 This is my journey through 35mm film photography. A documentation of ordinary everyday people, and places captured in a way that helps connect me to simpler times from the past. Film has allowed me to really observe my surroundings, I walk around for hours on a kind of human safari. Seeking out people and surroundings that take me to somewhere completely different. Film is my form of time travel, my Delorean. 

Negative space plays a big part in my composition, I try to avoid unwanted distractions in the frame, allowing certain elements to breathe. I’m naturally attracted to the quirkier side of human behaviour, and photography has allowed me to express my personality in a unique and sometimes humorous way. 

It’s the process from that has attracted me to film. You learn to be patient. Film has forced me to change the way I shoot, really simplifying things and going back to the basics. Less is more.