MONGOLIA by Lachlan Moore

Opening night, Friday 28 July 2017

Almost twelve months in the making, the opening night of MONGOLIA by Lachlan Moore seemed to roll by in a flash.

Olympus Visionary Lachlan Moore photographed MONGOLIA during his three-week solo trek through the western province of Bayan-Ölgii. This series of images celebrates local customs and captures dystopian urban landscapes against a captivating natural mountainous terrain. Lachlan shot breathtaking natural landscapes, dystopian urbane scenes, eagle hunters, boy riders, Bökh wrestlers, Soviet four-wheel drive convoys, traditional and modern wedding customs, inside and outside of the private ger dwellings, women caring for their families and the festive lights glowing on children’s smiling faces. 

Lachlan Moore gracefully captured one of the world’s last nomadic cultures in a series of thirteen limited edition prints that are on exhibition until 25 August. Looking at these photographs, it is obvious that the locals warmed to the photographer and welcomed him into their lives. On the opening night, the photographer generously shared an additional one night only slideshow of his behind the scenes footage, which was projected onto the cyclorama of Studio 1. The additional footage equally excited the audience and further informed their understanding of this beautiful land.

MONGOLIA was the inaugural exhibition at Rokeby Galley and set the tone for the gallery’s future programming. With monthly exhibitions and opening nights going forward, this night was made all the more festive by the generosity of sponsors, support of audience members and hearty welcoming of the Collingwood gallery precinct.  

Event Photography by Will Linstead

Lachlan Moore