by Louis Patterson

2b - Kyoto (2015).jpg

 Artist Talk:

1pm, Saturday, 13 April


Ma 間 

Beyond the allure of the cliche,

the tourist traps and opening hours,

there’s a lot to learn.

Hidden in the space between.

In the silence before and after. 

The concept for PAUSE, the Japanese “Ma” 間 defines the negative space. Consider a pot. We regarded the material, the physical form as being the essence of the pot, however it is the hole, the empty space, which gives the pot it’s function and therefore meaning. “Ma” 間 also describes intervals in time, between sounds and events. It establishes a rhythm, creates tension and emphasises key notes. 

PAUSE is a reflection by Louis Patterson on his several years living abroad in Japan. In a self imposed exile to “escape the noise” Patterson was based in rural Hyogo Prefecture. Entering this period of “empty space” he aimed to find something new, to find himself and to reconnect.

The images showcase a juxtaposition to the observed high-paced energy and chaos that is often associated with Japan, revealing moments of calm, solitude and silence. These fragments of memories encourage us to breathe and to reflect. To wait patiently and consider … pause.

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