By Shevan J


7 December 2018 - 23 January 2019

About the Show

Experiencing an African safari was always on my bucket list, so when the opportunity arose to embark on a 10 day safari through Tanzania, there was absolutely no hesitation. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would see, however, from the moment I jumped into the open-roof jeep on day 1 of the safari, my expectations were set quite high.

The entire safari experience is one I’ll appreciate forever - from travelling on dusty game-park tracks, meeting the humble people of Tanzania and watching traditional Maasai jumping dances, to camping in the Serengeti accompanied by a campfire and a remarkable sunset which then welcomed a star filled sky, to falling asleep to the sounds of the wildlife outside my tent.

Tanzania is incredibly vast, and whilst driving for hours through the Serengeti to the next game-park, I often thought I wouldn’t capture a more picturesque background, but I was always proved wrong as we continued driving - the landscape changed almost every hour to one that was more scenic than the last.

Staring eye-to-eye with a ravenous lion, giraffes and elephants strolling so close that I could almost touch them was awe-inspiring. The wildlife and the circle of life is remarkable and confronting all at the same time.

If you take away anything from my exhibition, I hope it that gives you a small glimpse into how rich in culture Tanzania is, the undeniable beauty of the land and its pride, the wildlife. Founder of Shevan J Photography and co-founder of Cloakroom Media, Shev is the go to guy for all things wedding and travel photography. Born and raised in Melbourne, Shev’s curiosity to find a mutual connection with his parents’ birthplace, Sri-Lanka, was the inception of his desire to explore the unfamiliar. He naturally captures the unexpected, and the heart and soul in every photograph.


Opening night photos by Matto Lucas