My Name is Jane

By Jane


13 October - 13 November 2017

About the Show


My Name Is Jane is an ongoing global project that explores women from diverse backgrounds who share one thing in common; their name. From scientists to artists, actors to icons, the sixty Janes (and counting) we have photographed and interviewed share their stories and relationship with a name that is anything but plain.


Why Jane?

I used to keep a folder on my desktop called Jane. It was full of all the things I didn’t know how to categorise and the name sounded abstract enough that people wouldn’t want to snoop inside. After a while Jane sort of grew into an imaginary person that I would tell people I was working with on projects. ‘Yeah, I’m not sure about that … I’ll check it with Jane and let you know’.

Where did the idea for this project come from?

Having spent years talking about an imaginary Jane I thought it was time to put a face (or better still, faces) to the name. I originally started the project in 2009 but was quickly side-tracked by ‘real jobs’ plus I’d just committed to co-writing my second book . In late 2015 I caught up with photographer Jared Beck, who had just returned from London. When I mentioned the project he just got it, so we booked in a lighting test a few weeks later and started pretty much straight away.

Who was the first Jane you photographed?

A lovely friend, Jane Mathews, agreed to take part when I first had the idea years ago and I thought it would be rude to keep her waiting any longer.

What were your expectations before beginning the project?

The project was originally called ‘1000 Janes’ but the number was so overwhelming I couldn’t start. Once I removed the number the idea became more manageable. I decided I would just contact a few people called Jane and see what happens. If I liked it and the Janes were into it, I would keep going. So far so good. Although, I would like to eventually get to 1000.

Who are some of your favourite Janes?

That’s like asking me to choose between children! But I’m a huge admirer of primatologist Jane Goodall. Even at 84 she still spends 300 days a year travelling around the world speaking and inspiring others. I was lucky enough to meet her this year but she didn’t have enough time for a shoot. I’ll keep trying.

Where to next?

We have a waiting of Janes around the world who have contacted us and would like to be involved. Some famous ones I can’t mention just yet (as I don’t want to jinx it) and also a couple of Janes in a small town on the south island in New Zealand. I’m not sure how they found out. I wound’t mind taking the exhibition on the road.


Opening night photos by Lachlan Moore