Past Shows


‘BARE’ by Christopher Robert

Bare is a collection of images inspired by connection, liberation and vulnerability. In a world that’s so congested, Chris explores a raw and delicate female form in landscapes that allow the audience to focus on stillness.

Shooting in a style that’s candid and honest, Chris loves exploring emotive images that capture that special moment in time.



Mahoney’s portraits of heavy metal, rock and punk fans and musicians, taken into the early morning hours at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood are made in her makeshift studio, metres from the stage.



This time last year we opened our doors for the very first time as Rokeby Galley. A whole year and eight exhibitions later, we are celebrating our one year anniversary with THE ONE. 

THE ONE is a group exhibition featuring new works by Ben Burgess, Chris Eyre-Walker, Shevan J, Lachlan Moore, Nicole Reed and Isamu Sawa.



There’s a sense of knowing in the air in New Zealand. It catches you off-guard

– there is a deep pull to be completely immersed in the land.

Gold Mercedes, Palm Springs (A4 size)(copy).jpg

'Desert Modern' by Matthew Portch

 Since the 1920’s, visionary modernist architects have designed sleek, modern homes that have embraced the stark desert environment. Inspired by this arid landscape and modern schools like Bauhaus and the International Style, the architects of the 1950s created in Palm Springs what is now the highest concentration of mid-century modern architecture in the world.


'Ganga' by Lachie Carracher

 In November 2017 Lachie traveled the 2,510 km length of one of the world’s most sacred rivers, the Ganges. The intention of the journey was to travel from source to sea and to document the diverse landscapes and lives that the river touches.


'Below Zero: Images from the Arctic Circle' by Vicki Jones

 In July 2017 Vicki participated in an expedition for photographers to The Arctic Circle. The intention of the voyage was to witness first-hand the remote ice wilderness, and to have close access to photographing the wildlife: polar bears, walruses, foxes, whales, seals, reindeer and birds.


'Middle Beauty' by Ante Badzim

In MIDDLE BEAUTY photographer Ante Badzim explores the unified beauty of the Middle East and challenges preconceived notions of this mysterious part of the world.


'My name is Jane' by Jane

An anthropological study of one of the most common and mis understood names.
Featuring 60 Jane's from around the world including the iconic Jane Birkin.

02 Sweedish Cafe 80 x 60cm.jpg


Edinburgh Toon Picters is the first Australian exhibition by Edinburgh based photographer Martin Berg. Martin has photographed for writers, publications and commercial clients in Edinburgh for over five years and finally shares his personal perspective of this unique Scottish city.

Martin depicts this seemingly grey and broody city while capturing it’s warm, quaint and whimsical charm. He frames his images to include as few people as possible, allowing the city to remain the central character. He photographs windows from outside and inside, offering as much insight by presenting one lonely chair as he does with a saturated cityscape. His images are equal parts voyeuristic and naive explorations.


'MONGOLIA' by Lachlan Moore

In July 2016 Lachlan embarked on a month long adventure to an isolated corner of the world void of wifi and distraction in an attempt to rekindle his creativity and "learn to see again". Exploring this utterly foreign, unique and inspiring land was such a positive and rewarding experience resulting in Lachlan's first solo show.

'MONGOLIA' explores one of the world's last nomadic cultures in the Western Province of Bayan-Olgii, championing the whimsical & untamed beauty of it's people & the everyday.