A multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Known for his documentary practice, he utilises photography and writing as a process of cultural understanding and immersion in foreign subjects. His work not only examines what’s in front of the lens, but what occurs behind the camera, recognising the performative action of photographing as an integral part of the work. Ben completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) at RMIT University in 2016. He has since had solo exhibitions in Melbourne and participated in group shows, both in Canada and Brazil. In early 2017 he took part in an artist residency at Despina in Rio de Janeiro.

Llamas Inca trail.jpg

Inca Trail, Peru 2014

750mm x 600mm

Limited edition of 3

Marbel Cutters_print.jpg

Jaipur, India

750mm x 1000mm

Limited edition of 3



Chris Eyre-Walker is a 28 year old adventure and travel photographer & filmmaker from Belgium based in Sydney – Australia. He’s a passionate traveller and his work spans from underwater surf photography to the adventures of extreme sport athletes high up in the mountains. 

In 2017 Chris was determined to continue his photographic work and expand his skillset towards more videography and the creating of adventure films.

With a trip to South Africa and Namibia he challenged himself into new territory working on his new video series Adventure Photography On Location.

He completed his first adventure film, a highlining film in the Faroe Islands, which was selected as a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in October 2017 and will be touring the world all over 2018.


The Void

900mm x 600mm

Limited edition of 5

Framed in dark charcoal hand finished Victorian Ash



900mm x 600mmLimited edition of 5

Framed in dark charcoal hand finished Victorian Ash



A collection of images captured over the course of days spent closely with the Hmong people, one of five ethnic groups, in Sa Pa District of northwest Vietnam. Their traditional animist religion has them believing in the spirit world and the interconnectedness of all living things, and with this in mind, they allowed Shev to embark on an unforgettable journey with them, seeking truth in their lives, relative to their environment.

From the beauty of their surrounds, to the purity of many generations living amongst the eastern extremity of the Himalayas, Shev lets us immerse ourselves in this series of candid photographs, which document a way of life we may never have known to exist.

Founder of Shevan J Photography and one half of Cloakroom Media, Shev is the go to guy for all things wedding and travel photography.

Born and raised in Melbourne, his curiosity to find a mutual connection with his parents’ hometown of Sri-Lanka, is ultimately what influenced his desire to explore the unfamiliar with an instinct to capture the unexpected, and the heart and soul in every shot.

Journey to the top.jpg

Journey to the Top

480mm x 330mm

Limited edition of 5

Mischevious Four.jpg

Mischievous Four

480mm x 300mm

Limited edition of 5

Sticks & Stones.jpg

Sticks & Stones

480mm x 330mm

Limited edition of 5



A process potentially lost to the ages reborn - wetplate collodion photography dates back to 1851 when image making was in its infancy. The process involves creating an individual light sensitive substrate be it glass, tin or in this instance aluminium using a combination of salted collodion and silver nitrate. The plate is then exposed to the subject with the use of a large format camera and then developed on site. Each portrait is taken in a single capture, taking around 20mins from the creation of the light sensitive plate to its full development. 

These portraits of Neil Finn and son Liam were made in Lachlan’s home town at the Meeniyan Youth Club prior to their intimate performance 


Neil Finn

Wetplate Reproduction

1180mm x 957mm

Limited edition of 3 + 2 AP

Framed in dark charcoal hand finished Victorian Ash with float mount


Liam Finn

Wetplate Reproduction

1180mm x 957mm

Limited edition of 3 + 2 AP

Framed in dark charcoal hand finished Victorian Ash with float mount



Rarely leaving the house, never mind the country, without her camera, Nicole has been bitten by the travel bug and searches for the muse of her next frame around every corner. While her work is undoubtedly artistic, Nicole draws inspiration from editorial, documentary and reportage photography, but above all, travel.

Her documentation of urban sprawl, decay and abandon shows not only her sheer motivation for social commentary but also her innate ability to source beauty in places overlooked by the untrained eye.

Both images are taken on two separate visits to Japan and are an exploration into how people interact (or don’t interact) with the surrounding architecture on a daily commute.


Tsunashima, Japan

200mm x 300mm

Limited edition of 1


Odaiba, Japan

200mm x 300mm

Limited edition of 1



Over time, layers of paint residue, solvents, glues and tool marks accumulate and overlap, forming a complex and random pattern of colours, shapes and forms. Viewed in macro detail they are reminiscent of an abstract painting or an aerial landscape photograph.

‘Remnant’ is a photographic exploration of the timeworn surface of a craftsman’s workbench – an artisan in hand crafted fine art timber framing.

By using advanced macro photographic image capture techniques to reveal the captivating textural detail and manipulating scale, the workbench scars are transformed, offering the viewer a chance to question and explore the immersive world(s) within. 

Isamu Sawa_Remnant #1.jpg

Remnant #1 / Remnant Series

1600mm x 1200mm

Limited edition of 8 +2 AP

Framed in charcoal hand finished Victorian Ash

Drymount to KAPA, float mounted